Gowtham Murugan

Motion Graphics Designer / Visualizer



Motion Graphics Designer / Visualizer

B.sc in Animation with 6+ years of experience

About Me

I’m 25 years old Generalist cum Graphics Designer from TN (Coimbatore) currently in Bangalore. I like to work not only Graphics Design as well as I can able to work all 2D and 3D works.

I have 6+ years of working experience on industry. I’m ready for visiting other companies & work for any design studio. I love working with people specially if they have the same passion I have for what they do.

Why don’t we work together? Go future down to see why I am the man you need to here!

Generalist 2D & 3D Skils

- Graphic Design
- Posters, Flayers, Mailer
- Flash Animation / Ad Banner
- Digital Publishing
- Typography
- Game Design
- Image & Video Editing
- 3D & 2D Modeling & Animation
- 3D Visualization / Architecture
- Multimedia Training
- Ad Short Animation 2D & 3D

 A chance may useful for why I am the man you need to here!. 

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